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Technology that fits your needs.

Intronics was founded in 2015 by law enforcement professionals just like you. With over 40 years of actual law enforcement experience, we understand the needs and challenges that come with working around technology.


Technology at Your Fingertips

Share multiple forms and documents
with personnel and departments the
moment they are created.

  • Supervisors

  • Magistrate's 

  • Medical Staff 

  • Classifications 

  • Gang Intelligence


Intronics moving technology forward, one effective solution after another.

How Does It Work!!!

Digitize your Forms

ID1622 digitizes your inmate screening forms from Physiological, suicide assessments, classifications, and gang intelligence, and any other form you may need to save or share immediate access to.

Complete your Forms 

Using computers you already own, complete your forms digitally, and send them electronically, eliminating incomplete or misplaced forms. Allowing for greater accountability and department transparency.

Always There

Partnering with Amazon, your completed  forms are digitally secure and accessible day or night. Only staff with the right access can retrieve and few forms that require the most sensitive security.


Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

We understand that each facility is unique

That is why we digitize your forms and not someone else's. You continue to conduct business with the forms that you and your staff are used to. Don't worry if you ever need to change a form, sent it to us and we get that converted for you right away.

Accessible from All Locations

Do your supervisors ever need to read reports or documents when they are away from the office? No worries, any form uploaded to ID1622 is accessible as long as they have the right to view it.

We've Come a Long Way

From working on the front lines with inmates, booking, and classifications we know how important it is to make information available to the right hands. Working with your staff, courts and  medical staff, we provide unique solutions that enhance the safety and efficiency of your department. Reducing lost papers that can cost millions.


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Sergio Moore Jr



Intronics llc

8222 N. Expressway 77 #100 

Brownsville, TX 78521

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